Sponsoring the Blue Sox

My law firm sponsored the 2010 Blue Sox tournament. One thing I especially love and respect about baseball–and it’s something it has in common with practicing law–is the complexity of the game and the mental edge you must maintain in order to perform. That is definitely true of litigating and presenting cases in court. A lawyer must be dedicated to staying abreast of the law and its modern interpretations, and in court he must possess the acumen and knowledge to utilize the evidence and procedures that are most advantageous to his client.

About Josie Cavendish

Josie Cavendish is a librarian who loves reading and writing. She lives in the North Texas Area with Jack and shares Jack's love of Prince Edward Island. She loves to introduce readers to talented, fabulous authors and would love to hear from you. Please send suggestions for authors to interview or tell her about books you love at msblueherontrail@gmail.com.
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