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Josie Cavendish is a librarian who loves reading and writing. She lives in the North Texas Area with Jack and shares Jack's love of Prince Edward Island. She loves to introduce readers to talented, fabulous authors and would love to hear from you. Please send suggestions for authors to interview or tell her about books you love at

Reversal of Felony Charge

David, in an appeal from a first degree felony, won a reversal that reduced the charge to a lower level and remanded the case for new sentencing trial. (2018)

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10 Days Time Served

At trial for a felony drug possession, David achieved a hung jury, and his client walked away with 10 days time-served credit on a misdemeanor. (2018)

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Habitual Felon Released

In 2018, at trial for a client charged with being a habitual felon, and therefore facing 25 years minimum, David won a verdict for a simple misdemeanor and his client was released from custody in less than 30 days.

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Capital Murder Case Dismissed

In 2016-2017, following his client’s indictment for a Tarrant County capital murder, David and his team achieved a full dismissal of the capital murder charge after convincing the prosecutor of his client’s mistaken identity and innocence.

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Oral Argument

Jacob Ryan Damm v. State of Texas David’s recent appearance at Oral Argument in the Second Court of Appeals, March 6, 2018, presenting a point of error in a Murder case. Oral Argument Audio  

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Oral Argument

This is an oral argument David presented in the highest criminal appellate court in Texas.  David presented this oral argument in 2016 on behalf of his client who was appealing her criminal conviction. David has presented dozens of  oral arguments … Continue reading

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Appeal Won

“Won an appeal, reversed and acquittal ordered, for a 99 year sentence stemming from a conviction for human trafficking child under 18/prostitution.”  Ricky D. Davis v. State, 02-13-00468-CR, Fort Worth Court of Appeals, 4/28/2016.

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Guest Lecture for ACU Criminal Justice Class

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Charlie Butts Pro Bono Award

David Pearson was the recipient of the 2011 Charlie Butts Pro Bono Award, presented by the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, a recognition by his peers for his efforts in a particularly difficult court-appointed case.

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The Good Son

The Good Son by Stella Sands is a book written about a capital murder trial that co-counsel Larry Moore and I successfully defended by persuading the jury to not impose the death penalty.

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