“In February 2022, appeal rights that were previously denied were restored in a writ of habeas corpus win on behalf of former Texas A&M football star athlete convicted of 2015 murder in Dallas.”

Court Case Details

News stories covering the original trial. (before the above referenced appeal case)

ESPN article

247 Sports article

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Reversal of Felony Charge

David, in an appeal from a first degree felony, won a reversal that reduced the charge to a lower level and remanded the case for new sentencing trial. (2018)

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10 Days Time Served

At trial for a felony drug possession, David achieved a hung jury, and his client walked away with 10 days time-served credit on a misdemeanor. (2018)

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Habitual Felon Released

In 2018, at trial for a client charged with being a habitual felon, and therefore facing 25 years minimum, David won a verdict for a simple misdemeanor and his client was released from custody in less than 30 days.

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Capital Murder Case Dismissed

In 2016-2017, following his client’s indictment for a Tarrant County capital murder, David and his team achieved a full dismissal of the capital murder charge after convincing the prosecutor of his client’s mistaken identity and innocence.

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Oral Argument

Jacob Ryan Damm v. State of Texas

David’s recent appearance at Oral Argument in the Second Court of Appeals, March 6, 2018, presenting a point of error in a Murder case.

Oral Argument Audio


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Oral Argument

This is an oral argument David presented in the highest criminal appellate court in Texas.  David presented this oral argument in 2016 on behalf of his client who was appealing her criminal conviction. David has presented dozens of  oral arguments in criminal appeals, with several of those oral arguments in the Court of Criminal Appeals in Austin, including argument in appeals from death penalty verdicts.


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Appeal Won

“Won an appeal, reversed and acquittal ordered, for a 99 year sentence stemming from a conviction for human trafficking child under 18/prostitution.”  Ricky D. Davis v. State, 02-13-00468-CR, Fort Worth Court of Appeals, 4/28/2016.

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Oral Argument Recording

Mr. Pearson has extensive experience in capital murder and murder cases.  The Courts, in this region of Texas, often appoint him to handle very complex trials and appeals, which follow if there is a conviction.  The audio link below is to David’s March 8, 2016, Oral Argument in the Fort Worth Court of Appeals on one of these difficult appellate cases, Rodney Chase Pettigrew v. The State of Texas.  (Rodney Pettigrew gave permission to post this link online.)



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Guest Lecture for ACU Criminal Justice Class


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